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Semi-Gloss, Scratch Resistant, Water-based Urethane Sealer.


GreenEZ® Seal & Protect Furniture Shield is a water-based urethane sealer designed for use on clear or stained wood furniture and engineered to excel when used over EVOLVE™ stained wood surfaces.

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Furniture Shield


  •  Semi-gloss topcoat sealer
  •  Excellent water resistance – no water rings from beverage glasses
  •  Strong resistance to abrasion scratches
  •  Protects stain finishes and enhances color hue
  •  Easy to apply with very low odor for interior applications
  •  Made from renewable sources with no toxic compounds and no carcinogens
  •  Environmentally and user friendly
  •  Can be applied by brush, ¼” nap roller or by high-or low-pressure spray gun

How To Use

Step1. Have a freshly stained or painted surface

Step 2. Evenly Apply GreenEZ Furniture Shield to the colored area.

Step 3. Wait 1 full day for it to completely dry.


For more information on how to use Green EZ Furniture Shield, please refer to the data sheets below before using the product: