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Removes carpet glue with ease and no fumes.


The GreenEZ® Strip & Clean™ Floor Stripper is a heavy duty, non-hazardous, non-caustic, environmentally safe stripping solution formulated using soy-based ingredients and other biodegradable components. 

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Floor Stripper


  •  Extremely Efficient - Formulated to remove multiple layers of adhesive and coatings, from glue to epoxy GreenEZ Floor Stripper will remove it all.
  •  Does Not Damage Floor - Specially made to remove adhesive and coatings with no chance of damaging or degrading the surface when applied.
  •  Environmentally Friendly - Our Biodegradable formula is made from sustainable resources using green technology.
  •  Easy to use - With a delayed dry time simply apply in a thick coat, wait, and scrape!
  •  Non-Carcinogenic - Does not contain any carcinogens and can be used safely on most interior decorative concrete surfaces without harmful fumes.
  •  Soy Based - The powerful soybean oil-based formula is what allows for the quick removal of multiple layer without the harsh fumes or foul odors.

How To Use

Step1. Apply a thick layer completely over the work surface.

Step 2. Wait 1-2 hours for the stripper to break down the adhesive and coatings

Step 3. Complete the easiest and most satisfying scraping you have ever done and enjoy the lack of nasty fumes in the air.


For More Information on how to use the GreenEZ Floor Stripper, please refer to the data sheets below: