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Green EZ™ Crete Be Gone Concentrate is a biodegradable concentrated, non-corrosive cleaning solution made from naturally occurring compounds.

Formulated to replace a wide range of traditional acids, and demonstrated in laboratory comparisons to be 60-70% more effective at removing calcium carbonate and limescale versus other inorganic cleaners.

Will soften and release hardened concrete from mixers, forms, tools, trucks, and related equipment and will accelerate concrete laitance removal from equipment normally requiring sandblasting or jackhammering techniques.

Safe to use on all surfaces with the exception of aluminum (See Cautions).


  • Bio-degradable, safe, non-hazardous formulation
  • Highly efficient to remove cement splatter and laitance build-up
  • Easy to dilute and apply
  • Does not affect painted machinery, rubber, or chrome
  • Reduces labor time and cleaning costs

For more information on how to use Crete-Be-Gone, please refer to the data sheets below before using the product: